Delivering the spirit of Christmas to military families
– one Christmas Tree at a time.
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"Thank you for kindness. I look forward to celebrating this holiday season with my son, and will think of our troops, and offer up a prayer of gratitude each time I look at our tree. Merry Christmas and God Bless you."
- Cheryl

"I would like to thank you for the wonderful gift we receive every year through this amazing program. We are extremely grateful to have a beautiful Christmas tree to place presents under. Thank you for all the love, support, and donations to every and all forms of military personnel."
- Ally

"We thank you all for your kindness and generosity. The tree we picked out is PERFECT for our home and we love it very much."
- Don, Tami and Donald

"On behalf of my family & myself we would like to say thank you for our tree. It is a tradition in our family to have a real tree. We received our tree prior to my husband returning from Iraq. We have a few special ornaments we always hang as a family & were so thankful to have him return prior to Christmas to be able to hang on our tree. Thank you again for supporting not only our family but all military families."
- Autenrieth Family

"I am deployed to Joint Base Balad, Iraq and I would like to give you all a Big Thank you for this Christmas tree that we got from you. Please let everyone in your areas know that I appreciate the tree and am ever grateful for what you have done to make my Christmas season better. I will never forget this and just want everyone to know that. May God bless you and your families."
- TSgt Kemp

"I'm from the USO on Joint Base Balad in Iraq. Every person who has seen the tree has been pleasantly surprised and exclaimed, "How'd they even get this over here?" It means a lot out here to see some normal Christmas-time cheer. We couldn't have done it without your help. We want to thank you for your generosity to provide these trees. We're lucky to get it, because many troops come through, and they're from all over the Theaters of Iraq and Afghanistan. It's always a nice surprise for them."
- Erin

"We just wanted to express a heartfelt thank you to those who selflessly gave of their time and money to make this tree possible for our family. It brings a glimpse of joy in the absence of our Hero, father, husband & friend. As well as a tear to our eyes because of the generosity of someone unknown to us who is willing to give for the joy of another."
- Adee & The Boys

"Thank you so much for providing such a kind and thoughtful gift for military families. Your giving has helped us bring a beautiful part of the Christmas spirit into our home. Thank you again!"
- Jason & Liz

"My husband is currently serving in Afghanistan and I knew that the holidays were going to be especially hard on me and my two children. All of our Christmas things including our tree are in storage, so I thought we weren't going to be able to have a tree or any decorations this year. When I found out about trees for troops I couldn't have been more excited because now our holiday will be just a little bit brighter because your generosity."
- Sara

"Thank you so much for your generosity! We did not expect this wonderful gift. Thank you to all that donate to this foundation! We are very pleased with the tree! Our five kids enjoyed decorating the tree! It is a great addition to our front living this time of year! We cannot express how much this helped us out! Thank you so much again!!!"
- Dudley Family

"Thank you for the beautiful tree! It makes me smile every time I walk by it. It is so nice to know that there are good people out there that care!”
- Heidi

"We loved our tree we received this year! It was a great experience and really made getting our tree very special. We appreciate the donation and having truly made our Christmas memorable. Thank you for your generosity."
- Carlsson Family

"We would like to express our gratitude for the Christmas trees provided to us from "Trees for Troops." Your generosity was greatly appreciated and spread holiday cheer amongst the Soldiers and their families during this past Holiday Season. Thank you again!"
- The 368th Seaport Operations Company

"We are so grateful!!! And blessed Because of the Christmas tree we were given, we were able to have a Christmas for our kids. This was the first year having a Christmas without having family nearby. Thanks to you and our family and friends back in California it was good."
- Allen Family

"We got our tree from Ft. Story and could not have been happier with it! It was a beautiful tree even before we got it decorated. It was so nice to be able to have a tree in our home for Christmas this year. We are so appreciative to those who donated the trees and made the program possible. It really helped to make our holiday season bright!"
- Ben and Sandra

"Thank you for truly living up to the meaning of Christmas. You've given more then you'll know; especially hope! May you continue blessing others with your kind generosity."
- Irene & Eric

"I wanted to thank each and every one of you for donating these wonderful trees to us. I got it home and when I cut it loose it popped open and was absolutely beautiful. I appreciate what you all do, and thank you so much for remembering us. It's an amazing feeling when you come home and have this much support. Thank you for making our Christmas magical."
- Kevin

"Thank you for the tree - it looks and smells wonderful in my house. It is my baby's first Christmas this year and she loves to look at the tree all decorated and flashing. I couldn't have asked for a better tree. Thank you again!"
- Ms. Fury

"This is our first year to have a live tree. We received the tree when I was 38 weeks pregnant and our baby girl arrived shortly after. We feel so blessed to share this amazingly beautiful tree with her on her first Christmas. Thank you so much for thinking of us during this holiday season. This was such a wonderful gesture of your support for our troops and we are most grateful!"
- Friend Family

"We are really grateful to have been given a Christmas Tree this year from Trees For Troops. It is so nice to see so many supporting the military. It really means more to us because it was given by those who have a kind heart and realize the sacrifice made by the military. Thanks so much for this wonderful cause!"
- Noel Family

"Thanks to everyone who worked to make Trees For Troops a success again this year. The families of the 52nd Ordnance Group/Brigade at Fort Campbell sincerely appreciate the generosity of all who contributed financially and by dedicating their time and effort to this program."
- Suzanna

"Thank you for all the generosity from your organization, all the wonderful tree farmers, and the kind people who support your organization. Thank you and Merry Christmas!"
- Debelius Family
2018 Donors
We’d like to recognize the many individuals, businesses and organizations who have made contributions to the Christmas SPIRIT Foundation to help make the Trees for Troops program possible. The following list of contributors were paid as of January 15, 2019. Thank you to everyone who contributed their time, talents and resources to this effort. we apologize in advance if we have overlooked anyone. Please let us know of any errors by contacting us at 800/965-1653 or

Contributions of $2,000 and above

Big Red Inc.
Christmas Tree Promotion Board
Geissler Tree Farms Inc.
Harry and Juanita Peckham
JM Family Enterprises INC.
Mahoney's Garden Centers
Monarch Beverage
New England Wire Technologies Community Outreach Program
Patrons of Richardson Christmas Trees LLC and Richardson's Adventure Farm
SureID Veterans Employee Group & The RAPIDGate Program
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States-NY
Wyckoff's Christmas Tree Farm, LLC
Yenser's Tree Farm

Master Sergeant
Contributions of $1,500 through $1,999
Battaglia Ranch Christmas Trees
Darling's Tree Farm
English Gardens
Homestead Gardens, Inc
Strathmeyer Christmas Trees
Sugargrove Tree Farm

Contributions of $750 through $1,500
Bank of New Hampshire
Barbara Beck-wilczek &. William Wilczek
Becktree Farms
Bustard's Christmas Trees
Christmas Ranch Tree Farm
Donaldson's Greenhouse and Nursery
Dull's Tree Farm LLC
Fish River Trees
Gary Roberts
Grandma's Gardens
Redrock Farm
Schroeder's Forevergreens
Skookum View Nobles
Stokoe Farm Trees
The Fir Farm
YNOT Lifestyle Brand LLC

Contributions of $250 through $749
4 C Tree Farm
7 G's Christmas Tree Farm
Bethlehem Elementary School Programs Account
Boone County Farm Bureau Inc
Christmas Trees Delivered
Christopher Stanley
Chub Lake Tree Farm
Crawford Tree Farm; Evergreen Christmas Tree Farm
Evergreen Farms Christmas Trees
Farmstead Acres
Finestkind Tree Farms
Greenbriar Creek Farm
Heritage Valley Tree Farm LLC
Janet Nizinski
Jay Asher
Kenny's Trees; P&K Trees
Littleton Food Coop
Marian Myers
McConnell's Nursery
Medina Christmas Tree Farms
Moore Tree Farm LLC
Mountain View Trees
Mr. and Mrs. Tom & Judy Lang, Balsam Acres
Mrs. Diane Masson
Noel's Tree Farm, LLC.
North Countree Christmas, Inc
Philip or Helen Hartley
Richmond-Spring Grove Area Rotary Club
Severt Brothers Tree Farm LLC
Spilker's Pineridge Tree Farm
Strafford School District
Todd Lenhart, Lenhart's Tree Farm
Windy Meadow Tree Farm
Wisconsin Christmas Tree Producers Association
Woodcrest Farm, LLC
Wright's Christmas Tree Farm 

Contributions of $100 through $249
Alfeldt Brothers Farm LLC
American Legion Altenthal-Joerns Post 158
Amy Stolarski
Andrea Baruffi
Ardell Loncosky
Barbara Fonner
Beckman Motors
Bienie's Body Shop Inc.
Bob White
Bob's Trees
Brian Hart
Carol Fus
Carolyn Nethery
Catherine Ruhling
Celeste Chen
Claybrooke Farm Christmas Trees
Country Pine Farms
Dale & Shelia Cullum
Davenport Christmas Tree Farm
David M. Corr
Denise Suzuki
Dr. Stanton Cole
Dr. William H. Burks DDS
Dun Roamin Christmas Tree Farm LLC
Ernst W. Kohn
Evergreen Acres Tree Farm
Forestville-Quicksburg Ruritan Club
Forsyth United Methodist Church
Geoff Wright
Greg, Jim & Karen Alfeldt
Gurley Supermarket
Hague's Christmas Trees
Hamamatsu Corporation
Heritage Tractor Inc
Highland Trees
Hollow Creek Tree Farm
Jacqueline Or David Lurio
james runkles
Jillian Simpson
Joe's Trees
Jon Lindstrom
Kimberly Oda
Lee's Trees
Lois & Eugene Nicandri
Maplehorst Farm Nursery
Mark Fisher
Martha Wurtz, Hearthland Hospitality
McConnell Machinery
Meier's Horse Shoe Pines
Michael J. Kodey
Midwest Engravers
Mindy Maxwell
Mountain View Dental
Mr. and Mrs. Bentley & Sandy Curry, Curry Farms, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Roland Clemmons
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Coy III
Mr. James McCann
Mr. Rick Cornejo
Mr. Tommy Cardone
Mr. William Tunno
Mrs. Joyce Mclane
Mrs. Patricia Morgan
Ms. Candyce Discavage
Ms. Keri Jackson
Mystic Farm
Northern Builders
Notchnet, Inc.
Paul Lister
Peacock Road Tree Farm LLC
Penland Christmas Tree Farm
Perfect Christmas Tree Farm
Price's Tree Farm
Radde Tannenbaum Farm
Russell Reay
Severt Tree Farm
Susan Graham
The Gun Guys
Tracy & Sherry Sorrells
Vickie Perry, FedEx Ground
Wellsville Chamber of Commerce
Wicker's Christmas Tree Farm

Contributions of $99 and under
Alan And Sylvia Vazquez
Amanda LaVoie
American Legion Auxiliary #257
Amy Ralston
Ann & Tim O'Connor
Ann Marie Garritano
Anna Casey
Appalachian Stitching Company
April And Frederick Bergeron
Ashley McLaughlin
Bac Tran
Beech Hill Automotive
Bell's Christmas Trees
Belmont Community Ruritan Club
Bill & Danna Segel
Brendon Cooper
Bridgewater Ruritan Club
Bruce Ladron
Candice Brown
Carol Bidner
Carol Keckley
Carol Thibeault
Carolyn Low
Catholic Health Initiatives
Charle Ann Martin
Cheryl Lytle, Christian Life Church
Christine Eaton
Christine Greenleaf
Christine Ordinetz
Christopher Mest
Cupkie Christmas Village
David Pearson
David Weaver
Dayne and Kathi Tharrett
Deborah Rizzo
denise kahn
Denise Tomlinson
Donna Reichard
Dorothy Newland
Dr. John Wisman, Bellevue Chiropratic
Dr. Michael Vorozilchak
Edmund Kip Kowalewski
Edward Iwanski
Elea Hoffsetz
Embroidery By Everything Personal
Erissa Scalera
Felicia Moreno
Fleming's Christmas Tree Farms
Frances S. Parks
Franconia Village Store Inc
Greg Smith
Hampton Foley
Harmony Rebekah Lodge 16
Heather Campbell
Hill & Valley Garden Club
Holly Zessin
Jacob Sell, Sell Brothers Farms LLC
Jacquelyn Koerner
Jaime Guerrero
James Dale
Jan Kovariik
Janice And John Robie
Jayne C Gorski
JDH Industries
Jeanne Donovan
Jennifer Britten
Jennifer Giannattasio
Jennifer M. Stivoric
Jennifer Mills
JL Lally
Joan Godsell
Jody & Bethany Wood
Joe and Carrie Worthy
John Arganian
John Blasz Trees
John Fannan
John Kozlowski
John Laibinis
Jonathan Jon
Joseph McSorley
Joyce Allensworth
Julie Schrank
K A Darges
Karen Rien
Kathleen Cortright
Kathleen Crocker
Kathleen Kohatsu
Kelly Holmes
Kelly Thompson
Kelly Vereecke
Ken & Mary Dion
Kendra McCoy
Kenneth & Verla Carr
Kimberley & Scott Johnson
Laura And Christopher Hood
Laura Stukel
Lebanon Christmas Tree Farm
Lee Griffin
Linda Hoade
Lori Norian
Lori Pranz
M., and Mrs. Jon and Charity Keith, Ozark Valley Christmas Tree Farm
Marcia Boermeester
Marcus Dawes
Matthew Giordano
Matthew Giordano
Maureen Flynn
Meggin Dossett And Joshua Tuohy
Michael & Azure Neveln
Michael A Interbartolo Jr
Michael Cluchey
Michael Hefner
Michael Walczyk
Michigan Christmas Tree Association
Misti Kahler
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Carl and Marion Carlson
Mr. and Mrs. Chip Misner
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Fox
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel and Marcy Gallagher
Mr. and Mrs. David and Cindy Risner
Mr. and Mrs. David DeBarge
Mr. and Mrs. Jonothan Tarkowski
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence and Christie Leslie
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Saloma & Robert Steele
Mr. and Mrs. Winfield Meek
Mr. Donald Feltman
Mr. Douglas Archdeacon
Mr. George Middleton
Mr. James Kelley
Mr. John Brown
Mr. William Barlow
Mr. William Lavelle
Mr. William Liddell
Mrs. Catherine Keen
Mrs. Danielle Weiler, Danielle Renee Photography
Mrs. Debra Schweitzer
Mrs. Ellen Buck
Mrs. Georgette Nichols
Mrs. Jana Hagan
Mrs. Jane Roush
Mrs. Jonelle Hill
Mrs. Maria Eveslage, Eveslage Photography LLC
Mrs. Mary Oconnor
Mrs. Renda Edwards
Mrs. Stephanie Berl
Mrs. Suzanne Anderson
Ms. Carole Barra
Ms. Jennifer Eboh
Ms. Mary Lou Sheridan
Ms. Melinda Bloom
Ms. Patricia R. Smith
Ms. Virginia Jahrmarkt
Nancy Cormany
New Market American Legion Auxiliary Unit 166
Newby's Evergreen Farms
Noffke Tree Farms Inc.
Nora Veazey
North Butte Tree Farm
North Carolina Christmas Tree Association
Pamela Shustha
Patricia Hussey
Patricia Yelicanin
Patt Phillips
Paul Mathis
Paul Sample
Paulette Uvino
Philip Cusumano jr
Quackenbush's Trees and Wreaths
Rachel Aslett
Ralph Jacob
Richard & Katherine Moses
Richard & Shannon Leslie
Richard Boisseau
Rileyville Ruritan Club
Robert Altavilla
Robert Bittelari
Robert Day
Rochelle Holland
Ronald Hunsberger
Rosie Shea
Sam Waldrop
Samantha Fillion
Sandra Lowell
Sandrine Martin
Sara Chamberlain
Sara Stewart
Scott Lawrence
Shelli J. Roberts
Sherman Miller
Sonia Viands
Stefanie Hurley
Sun Valley Christmas Trees, LLC
Susan Benesch
Taylynn Snyder
Tiffany E. Mousel
Tom Sawyer's Christmas Trees
Tree Haven Trails
Truman Kennedy
Ttamara Shuey
Weir Tree Farms
William Barlow